Safety and Efficacy in all aspects

We at Research Professionals are dedicated to serving patients worldwide with guaranteed safety and high quality data in all the projects that we manage.

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO) we have multiple goals. Our overarching objective is to enable biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to develop medicinal products and medical devices effectively in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Our mission is to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for our clients, in order to best serve patients’ needs. Research Professionals is committed to fostering a culture in which every aspect of its business is driven by customer focus, collaboration, flexibility and quality.

Our services include clinical research management, safety and regulatory support.


Research Professionals offers you flexible, customized, immediately available and cost-effective solutions to meet your specific clinical development needs. Our highly motivated clinical research team is ready and waiting to assist you. Our highly motivated clinical research team is ready to help you.

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Over several years our team has acquired a wealth of experience in various roles in a multiple therapeutic fields. We can deploy this experience and know-how in order to provide you with the best available solutions.

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