Research Professionals – Safety and efficacy in all aspects

Research Professionals offers you flexible, customized, immediately available and cost-effective solutions to meet your specific clinical development needs.

As a professional Clinical Research Organization, we focus on your needs.

Research Professionals can supply the required resources and business solutions immediately. Our highly motivated team is ready to assist you in gaining access our professional services and solutions as soon as possible. No matter what the task is, you can always rely on us.

We offer a variety of services in order to fully meet your expectations.

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  • Landscaping
  • Pre-feasibility assessment
  • Feasibility assessment

Audit management

  • Audit readiness review
  • Preaudit preparation and training
  • Assistance at sponsor audit

Clinical Trial Start-Up

  • Trial set-up
  • Site selection/qualification
  • Contracting
  • Submission to CA/EC


  • Full-time and part-time monitoring
  • Short-term or long-term monitoring
  • Standby or back-up CRAs
  • Risked-based monitoring

Boosting patient Recruitment

  • Motivation visits
  • Prescreening calls and report collection
  • Issue route identification
  • Organizing referral networks

Regulatory Issues

  • Pre-submission review
  • Preparing the initial submission package
  • Amendment submission
  • Management of regulatory issues

Safety support

  • 24h safety hotline
  • Safety report review and issue management
  • Safety report submission
  • Safety trainings


  • Local project management
  • Global project management
  • Trial management
  • Line management


  • Quality visit
  • Site assessment visit
  • On-site training and coaching of CRAs

Home care clinical services

  • Experienced staff provision
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff training
  • Country management and coordination
  • Supply management

Types of contract

  • Outsourcing
  • Outtasking
  • Functional service provision


Our team is ready and waiting to assist you and answer your questions. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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